Sunday, May 08, 2005

Springtime is here!!

It is well and truly .....



Went for a walk round the sculpture park and saw lots of magic ...

There were the naughty twins who played in the treestump while their Mum tried to cajole them out. This is the sequence of events ...

Number One: Both hemmed in the tree stump - look closely, there are two in there.

hemmed in

Number Two: Only One comes when she is told ...

Reluctant obedience

Number Three: Naughtiest One plays for time

Mum waits

Number Four: She is tempting fate now ... hangng around like this


Number Five: Finally both out


Number Six: Pose for the camera


This is the lambs' little den...

hollow tree trunk

These cuddly little sweeties were basking in the sun too ..


When I looked upwards, stuff was going on there as well ...

mad bunny

a flying bunny.

And Titania was sleeping (shhhsshhh)


Something else weird .. I saw a giant fish and it looked very fed up, stony faced I spose you could say...

all washed up

(Don't think it was real though).

The gift shop was MARVELLOUS and I got this bag

my new bag

(I needed it)

Inside view!!

(Besides I am helping the world as it is made out of re-cycled stuff.)

Inside view!!

(Do you like the red lining?)

And the luxury living went on and on ...


Rosa made this luxury drink from rasperries, oranges, mint and yoghourt. MMMmmmmmm


Kate said...

I love gift shops.
I want to do a research project on gift shops in museums.
This post is truly multimodal and plays on language (spring) and the image (a spring)
Dr Joolz should write a paper on this I think.
Why has she not already?
We should be told.

Joolz said...

In lots of places it is only the gift shop worth going to. e.g. St Albans cathedral.
When you are on a school trip the kids buy great big pencils with tassels on.

cityB said...

or key fobs.

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