Monday, June 06, 2005

Who is anonymous?

She is a she. She is married. She uses her computer in the evenings.


She likes ER and Desperate Housewives.

I think she is not in her twenties.

She liked the Darth Vader quiz -therefore in touch with many forms of popular culture ...

*Brain ticks.*

Is she Jane?

(Don't tell me if I am wrong.Just give me a little teensy clue.)


Kate said...

I would like to know who anonymous is too as I like to know who my felllow commenters are.
We could have profiles of us commenters so that we all know who we are (this means we can have little bits of Dr Joolz blog all for ourselves).
Just to say I am having a horrible day filling in a grant application form and I wish I had never done it BUT it is on artefacts and narratives of migration so I MUST do it really. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Now I am in a real dilemma. I have just replied... attempted to preview... and lost my witty response. So here goes again. But with less wit!

You do know me, but not very well. I think I know Kate, but she doesn't know me. I am extremely grateful to you for your recent generosity. To reveal or not? I have a question/some questions first. Do you think about your audience when making your postings? Do you care about us? Do we help shape the representation of yourself that the blog is? I am interested in children's use of sites like Bebo and Hi5 to create social identities for themselves - and am getting particularly interested in issues of control, when other children post onto friends' sites - and how this relates to playground dynamics too.

Now you may know who I am... but my ego is appropriately wee, so you probably still don't. I will leave you to muse.

Kate... sorry to hear about your bad day.

Bye for now

Joolz said...

Aha yes. Did I send you some articles recently??
Are you in Plymouth?

Kate said...

THis is like a detective novel. I am giving up on grant app and posting on this site for lite relief.
it is MUCh better than BB for excitement.

Anonymous said...

Am I that transparent??? You've got me. Me and my fat ankles will see you in Bath!

Anya said...

Clare's research sounds fascinating! Hello Clare!

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