Saturday, June 04, 2005

What do you say

when people say things like this:

'I read your blog the other day. I don't understand it. What is a blog? Is it a diary? Why do you write it? You must take ages on it ... or do you do it when you are supposed to be working?'

More musings on this over on Blogtrax.


Anya said...

Unless my posts have "peronal" on them then I count them all as work - they provide space for experimentations with theoretical understandings, reflecting on work / reading / research issues. Sine I don't have a delineated work time/play time, then the two merge together. Blog for light relief and taking a break in the office, blog the serious stuff at home. I have all my boundaries shifted - no wonder I have no social like!

Joolz said...

Ah yes you are so right. It is definitely important this blurring of the boundairs between work and play that academics all have a problem with ... thanks Anya, this is a really key point. It needs to be a part of an argument about academic blogs ...

Kate said...

Sorry I am catching up on commenting but I think this is v. important too.
What I think is that sometimes I will go to this blog for light relief and then some BIG new idea will be on it like place as text or something really cuttting edge about dresses and I will some how WEAVE it all into my next AHRC bid on artefacts in a sublimal way which is v. v. interesting.
Can you do more on this Dr Joolz?

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is where do you find all the interesting things - like the Vader 20 questions quiz. I love it. I want to find interesting things. I want to be an interesting person. Are you wireless at home? Do you blog and watch Saskia at the same time? Please help me Dr Joolz.

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