Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lip Gloss Glitches

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There can never be too much lipstick

From the Lip Gloss Bitches of last year's BB5 house we move to the Lip Gloss Glitches.
Last night we were treated to Sam crying her heart out as she hunted for her hidden make up bag.
She stormed in to the diary room, crying 'The Bitches!!' and 'It's not fair' . Finally sobbing, 'It had my big lip gloss in.'

Well I think Kate and Anya can totally understand this one. As can I.
We need our lip gloss and we need our mascara.
Poor poor Sam. But the dispute rages on.


Anya said...

What fabulous photographs you find DrJoolz! (I loved the one with the wire too).

I would die if I lost my make-up bag like Kate did and I totally understand running off to replenish at the first possible moment!

Kate said...

I have now 2 sets of make up but the best thing is Chatecaille's real skin I tell you it is wonderful.

Joolz said...

I used to have 4 sets of makeup:
one at home; one in my handbag, one in my gym bag and one in my desk at work.
But now I only need three as cannot be a*sed to go to the gym. So am fat and ugly now.

Kate said...

This is so not true.
You are size 10.
I know, believe me.
Look at your gap clothes. They may well be even 8.
You are v. v. thin Dr Joolz.

Joolz said...

ooops forgot.
but what is that thing behind me?
Oh yes it is my BTM. (As my grandmother would say.)

Trois TĂȘtes said...

Thin is over-rated. Just don't go to Huddersfield.

Joolz said...

If we go to 'uddersfield what will we see? Fat or thin?

Kate said...

Huddersfield is a v. scarey place.
Believe me, I have been there.
I have even stayed the night.
I can do Sheffield but not alas Huddersfield.
I have my limits (sorry people from Huddersfield)

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