Thursday, June 02, 2005


if I write my to do list on here it will shame me into doing it. Maybe it will turn me into a supersonic worker because that is what seems to have happened to Anya since she put her list up.

1. Finish Gender and Education article.
2. Write article on the AYME discussion board.
3. Write the paper for the UKLA conference.
4. Go to school X and finish interviews for the Pathways to Success evaluation.
5. Sort out interviews for the evaluation of the schools' pilot for the Sheffield College blended learning course.
6. Mark stuff ... one MA assignment and a couple of doctoral chapters ...
7. Drive MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!
8. Play with NEW APPLE SOFTWARE!!!!!!
9. Order new book.
10. Find out how to put my papers and drafts etc on the web so I can have links to them..

I have put a few easy ones in here.
by the way, the
is worth mentioning again as it will be

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Anya said...

*laugh*!! It's just a crazy time of the year for me right now. But writing the list and making it public does in some ways hold you accountable for it, especially if you continue to write about the progress of each goal and show us bits of them! When I was looking into pro-ana sites one of the things the girls seemed to be saying was that writing about their progressive weight loss, even to an unknown audience, gave them incentive and motivation to continue. I think 90% of what I know about online writing comes from my research subjects :>

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