Sunday, March 27, 2005

,,Schieb Du Sau!"

Doesn't sound very polite does it really?

Push, you Sod!

I guess that the character in the pram, the mother, takes a post-feminist view to motherhood. Through experimentation with role reversal the comedians will be exploring, using the distancing effects of humour, this post-modern idea. They may possibly also be offering for serious engagement, the idea that motherhood can be an experience that is a little less than wonderful.

It is probably better, on reflection, not to try to de-construct jokes.

Shame I will have to miss the show as I am in Sheffield and it is in Berlin.
But maybe it is a good thing as TT would need everything explained.

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Kate said...

I don't believe in post feminism.
I believe in boring structuralist feminism.
At a recent conference in Barcleona (GOd I am boring but I am only the commenter so that is alright)
I said this, and this was OK as women are still opressed I think.
However, I do beleive in Queer studies which I got v. interested in, and I think that is post something.
Can D Joolz explain this?
We should be told.

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