Saturday, March 26, 2005

Interlude on academia ...

Go here .

You need to watch the whole thing.
It is so weird.

BUt for another wonderful movie go HERE

I think it is post-modern, (in case you want to intellectualise it), but we are supposed to be on holiday .....


cityB said...

I think I'll just go and slit my wrists.... Happy Easter! (which is all about nails through flesh, bleeding to death, and flagellation after all)
P.S. flagellation sounds quite rude but actually isn't.

Joolz said...

I realised what time of year it was when I watched the news which seemed to be all about dying people and psychos or the royal family. Same thing really.

Kate said...

I think making jokes about royal weddings is not good.
I for one am going to rush out on Tuesday and buy a Charles and Camilla tea towel.
Although, being a feminist not a post femnist (see other posting) I loved Diana.
I still do and would like Dr Joolz perhaps to do a posting on our glorious Queen of hearts at some point this week.
Not Tuesday (fashion day)
Or Thursday (food day)
It will have to be Friday!
Wedding day!!

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