Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Trust the girls

Okay then. Berlin Part 3.

In trying to unlock the secrets ofthe city ...

Lock di City

my intrepid partner in blogging and I, were intent on collecting photos.

Only for you of course.

I found that there were lots of interesting images of women around the city, some of which used the kind of art I assoiate with the swinging sixties.

Funky girls

Do I detect a preoccupation with sixties and seventies music and arts stuff in Berlin? And is this to do with the fact that many of Berlin's citizens were robbed of those decades from Western history? Are some of them locked into this time warp?

(I know many people in the UK have gone a bit retro lately, but lots of the Deutsch seemed to have been locked in this era for ages.)

Another question...
How do the fly posters get their notices up behind bars?
Or, is someone condoning this posting and letting people put up their messages and PROTECTING them with bars?

Either way, this message seemed imprisoned and somehow feminist beacause of that ...

Trust the girls

I struck lucky when I put this phrase into my search engine and came up with this funky site featuring REAL GERMAN DAMEN ..

Even if you don't speak German you should click about round here and look to see women in Berlin.
You might like to click on the left on 'Trendgirl' (see, some German text is quite easy really...) and see the wonderful word: "sexybarbielippen".

See if you can guess what it means.

Please note again the sixties influence on the site.

Ok then, that's all for now.

See you tomorrow ... when yet again, I will be watching me, watching you, watching me, watching you.
Or something like that.

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Kate said...

I think this is v. interesting, the notion of feminist identity and a particular time zone.
Monica Hller (new crush sorry) says that literacies have to be traced in relation to time and space.
here, you are tracing literacies across time in particular spaces.
MH (or NC) says that instead of micro and macro all we can talk about is tracing across particular spaces in order to locate and identify particular discursive practices in relation to social and ideological processes.
My god.

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