Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday is SHOPPING day!!

Hooray. Another shopping day has come around.

If I show you what I have found you may never forgive me, although of course you will fall in love.

I want you to immediately scroll down the page after you have clicked HERE

You see? The monkeys?

You want one don't you? But they are ALL SOLD OUT.
This is a dreadful thing: To advertsise something that the people cannot really have. It is cruel. Damn cruel and heartless.

The consumers' paradise can be disheartening.

Darling Rosa and I are going to try and make some cuddly things of our own.

Yes. We are.

And if you want to know how we know how, then go here.

But I am afraid it was on this site I found this very disturbing picture.


Be afraid. Very afraid.

Now, I also know that you would like me to cover fashion on each shopping day and so why not try to please you?

Well ladies, we all know that there is the gypsy boho look to live up to...
And Handbag.com puts us in the picture with this report on how to get the style.

You should check out ebay for the bargains in order to put this boho look together.

And if you want to accessorize this look, why not go here (with thanks to Kate for the tip off.)

Have you ever had that experience when you are in the supermarket and you prefer what the other shoppers have got in their trollies? Well, now with the help that Michele has found on this site, we can actually work to other people's lists. Hurrah!!!

Finally have you got your pens yet? If the 'real thing' is too pricey, then there is an idea from Guy in the comments section for a DIY fix-me-up.

That's it!!

(Berlin again tomorrow kiddy winkies)

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Kate said...

Shopping day. Thank god. It was getting very complicated.
BUT I am still at this conference in Barcelona and so I am still being really high powered.
I am interested in how cultural identities are sold as artefacts - for example, the gypsy heritage identity. All yesterday I was in Canada (at a colloquium) hearing about how French Canadian has become a linguistic artefact of identity, a kind of cultural dress up to signal a certain kind of heritage eg Acadian.
V. interesting.
Unfortunately as ever, I got more interested in the visual stuff which is never very popular at a blingualism conference and have fled, with relief to the comforts of Dr Joolz´ blog.
Am off to shop this afternoon in Barcelona.
Thank god for Dr Joolz regular postings.
Why can we not buy a monkey?
We should be told.

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