Saturday, March 12, 2005

Graffitti - democratic text?

I went back to the guitar shop today ... nice people in there ...
THe graffitti round the place caught my eye and I couldn't help wondering what order each of these contributions came:


I don't find any of this at all offensive but I imagine some people would be very hurt by it.

I am what might be known as a 'non-believer' in anything spiritual. And every morning I listen to The Today Programme on Radio 4 where there is a regular 7.45 slot called Thought for the Day, where someone, usually a church leader of some sort, tells us a little parable, fable or otherwise meaningful anecdote, somehow tied up with religion and morality. This I DO find very annoying. Not really because of the beliefs but because the political ideas are never given the same rigorous examination as everything else on the programme.
The Thought for the Day slot is situated within a very sturdy political news programme where politicians are never allowed to get away with any kind of sloppy asumption are unsubstantiated remark. The thought for the day person though, is allowed to get away with saying anything and no one ever challenges their ideas. They nearly always include topical/political angles in what they say and whilst this clearly makes it relevant, it is also therefore poignantly controversial. I don't like this at all; it is most incompatible. In some ways it is a bit patronising to religious leaders, as if they need a kind of protected spot.

However, hidden away here is a little treat where there is an apology about the content of one of the anecdotes given.

And that is my high horse remark for the week. You can comment on that if you want.

There is a lot to be argued either way though on whether the practice of graffitti is a democratic social practice or not.


sCruuw said...

Hi lady, This is Candi..Of Bryan...I moved my site to Bryan is on a ship righ not on his way home! He should arrive March 22nd...I say your comment on AB's blog

Joolz said...

Aha there you are!! Thought you were lost in cyberspace....
Anyway thanks for calling by and I'll visit you in your new space... and Good luck with seeing Bryan.

Kate said...

Grafitti is a v. interesting topic for Dr Joolz to write about.
(note the tone, academic, serious, intellectual.)
In Philadelphia, Grafitti was an art form and there were books on it.
I think it is very interesting social practice and enables subversive messages to be placed in unusal spaces.
I liked the image but also wondered if it needed more social context (discursive practices actively produce space etc etc)
We make a link here between place and text and grafitti. But we need a path through.
Can Dr Joolz help?
I hope so.
PS I hope you like the tone of this commenter who is trying to be v. serious in preparation for a v. serious seminar tomorrow.

Joolz said...

I noticed you are v serious but cannot comment as am so serious too.
The grafitti is on the outside of a nightclub whose name is always changing. It was quite a posh spot 20 years or so ago but is now v down market. The grafoitti gets cleaned off every now and then. The area is a ppoor area but is peppered with expensive venues such as Waitrose and Grrens Fitness club which are both 200 yards away.

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