Friday, March 04, 2005

Satan's laundromat has

this .

It is all so meta.

Which is quite topical as I am going to go here to be the photographer at my parents' Golden Wedding anniversary.

Ha ha.
Wonder what pictures I'll take ...
Will there be any fights?
(If so, the intrepid DrJoolz will snap it up.)

Married 50 years.

How did they do that?

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Kate said...

I have no idea.
My parents were married for 35 years and then gave up.
Dr joolz however will no doubt put a feminist post structuralist voice on to this event.
This would help me greatly as I am writing a paper for an international conference in Barcelona (poor me) which is supposed to be feminist AND post structuralist.
How can we be both?
Does Dr Joolz know?
Please can she tell us?
We should be told.

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