Friday, March 11, 2005

The Chancellors' rooms

Here is a comparison of two rooms.
Each room is described as The Chancellor's Room.
I have been to meetings in each one.

Which do YOU like best?

The Chancellor's room in the first location:


A ceiling shot - revealing the only windows in the room and also the ventilation system.


The door - with coat storage facilities.


Practicality meets luxurious foliage.
(Feng Shui in an urban setting in fact)

The Chancellor's Room in the second location:

through a window

This one had a large window . Maybe like a prison?

A woman's place
This one had a door with no tartan at all and which needed a polish.


And no facilities to hang one's coat - not even in the corridor.

So which do you prefer? And which is the luckiest Chancellor?

YOU decide.


Kate said...

THis is a GREAT invitation for all interested commenters.
I like number 1 myself because I loathe old grand buildings because the make me feel small and silly.
I have just been in Oxford which is so posh I felt just totally inadequate.
I think the architecture in Oxford inflates the students' sense of self in a totally silly way so they think they are grand when they are not.
This neatly links us back to Dr Joolz comments on place as text.
Again, an opportunity for some interesting intellectual links.
We rely on Dr Joolz to put these in.

Joolz said...

God yes, the intellectual links. ( I am thinking for a while ....)

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