Sunday, October 02, 2005

One more thing

Just adding to the post I did earlier ...

Thanks to Anya she has put this great link on her blog and I love it.


Chris Best said...

Here is something I'd like your opinion on... I've been contemplating posting an old diary (a particular eventful year at university - of which Anya stars a couple of guest appearances!) as a blog. This particular diary, begins and ends so well (like going whole circle throughout the year) and I thought it might be an interesting experience to publish it day by day, as it appears in the original diary.
It's pretty detailed, yet there isn't really much I'd not be willing to divulge now, four years later. Of course in a couple of particular instances a name change, or slight modification to a storyline may need to take place, but the idea would be to publish it as whole as possible.

I think it would be interesting experiment to see how the comments to the posts come to play a part, considering that the entire blog has technically already been written, and the fate of the "characters" has already been set. Maybe there are lessons I can learn even four years on?

Joolz said...

Well I think it would be prett interesting to see what comments go up... and you could think about whether people's commments would have affected the way you lived that year or whether the comments would have changed the way you recorded that year. certainly I am pretty sure I am influenced by my commenters in how I narrate my posts .

Would you make it clear it was an old diary?

I wonder how it would work when it went up as 'flat text' with no links?

Kate said...

It is interesting that Chris was inspired to write a blog from this post because I WAS TOO.
But even better was to see Jackie and Anya!
How amazing!
This is the value of blogging, you get to see all the people you really like IN ONE PLACE.
I love it.

Anya said...


Well I hope Jackie wasn't disappointed, I am convinced my blog has accidentally made me sound interesting when in fact I am a simple nobody!!

But wait until December!! DrJoolz and I will have to take an entire afternoon away from the conference and spend it posing for blog photographs. We will find lots of fascinating Miami-type artefacts to pose with just for you too Kate! *grin*

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