Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Learning Federation!!

What a great name huh?
The Learning Federation is an organisation which declares:

The Le@rning Federation (TLF) is an exciting and innovative project that employs emerging technologies to produce world-class online curriculum content to encourage student learning and support teachers in Australian and New Zealand schools. TLF is an initiative of the state, territory and federal governments of Australia and New Zealand.

Anyway go to the showcase for Innovation, Enterprise and creativity.
Playing around on the site took me here.

then on this menu to the right of the screen:

Arts and technology

> Sonic space
> Sonic motion
> Sonic time
> Creativity: Fifi Colston

I selected Fifi Colston. Then you can play 'dress design'!! It is fab.

But play around on that site and feel sad that you are not an Australian or New Zealander teacher.

Thanks to Johanna for the tip off about this site. Johanna has an English Language Garden and it makes me wish I was a student in one of her classes.

Isn't it lovely?

Too great websites, with two great names.

(And talking of flowers ... I was sent some today from here. Thank you Guy.)


guy said...

I'm so glad you liked them. The whole site's worth a good look around, too.

Dr. Rob said...


I prefer to go here in my spare time

Its where I can dress and undress Kylie to my hearts content....

Joolz said...

Ah yes DrRob. Good choice. I NEARLY mentined this on my post as Rebekah Willett (an angel) has researched paperdoll heaven with tween girls:

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