Friday, October 28, 2005

How to eat a small child

Thanks to Jackie for alerting me to the excellence of this.

If you look at the comments you will see someone is already offended.

I think it is strange as the Mum and Dad are obviously very fab, see their blog post here.

They just a like a bit of a larf and so do I.

I love this kind of thing:


(From Pupski)

and also this :

Sheffield Dolly

which was taken by Merrony's Moll.

It is not sinister. It is play. I think that peole know the difference between play and real life. Thay can do different things in play than they can in real life.

I guess we all have our prejudices and places where we draw the line. The kind of play I totally cannot understand is funfair rides. As far as I am concerned, people who like being thrown around must enjoy car accidents. I HATE funfairs. It even upsets me to watch people screaming on those horrible rides. Why do they do it?

Maybe it is all about risk taking and knowing you can survive. It is seeing what it is like to push back the boundaries.


Jayson said...

Thanks for the positive feedback! Some people take things way too seriously.

Dr. Rob said...

Wow people are so sensitive, but its just another example of the lengths we have gone to deify our children. The 'sacred' nature of childhood now means that we or they should do nothing that in any way shape or form could harm them or involve them in any activities that may, someday, in some shape or form, impact in some major or minor way upon the little darlings health, humour or future life.

While I agree that working down a coalmine at 3 years old may not be the best start I would like to think that that child grew up with some character and backbone.

I do not think that children should be wrapped in cotton wool or even big bubble bubble wrap whhich some people want to in a futile attempt to protect them from this big bad world and it fails because even metophorical bubble wrap will still smother that childs spirit.

No I say put them in microwaves but just don't switch it on! (That would be stupid -stupid!)They'll thank you for it in the end!

Dr. Rob said...

PS I forgot. I hate funfair rides as well. O I don't mind people screaming until their lungs drop out, no what I can't understand is why pay to make yourself vomit, when there are much more pleasurable ways of doing that. And I am haunted by the memory of taking a girlfriend to the funfair and having to leap of the parachutes at the end of the ride and run off into the darkness to be copiously sick and then of course I probably smelled of puke for the rest of the night. I can't remember if she was brave enough to give me a kiss after! Probably not then.

Digitalplayer said...
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Joolz said...

Oh dear DrRob. Kissing somene who has just puked is probably very unfab.
But anyway glad you agree re the kids thing; God yes far too much cottonwool wrapped round kids these days. Send them out to learn about LIFE that's what I say.
That is why I am happy to leave my two to fend for themselves this week when I take a few days well-deserved rest in Venice. Hooray.
My dear son will be in charge of cooking. So they may be thinner by the time I return. (If they get much thinner they will both be translucent, mind you.)

Kate said...

Have a great time in Venice Dr Joolz.
I absolutely hate fun fair rides cars AND microwaves as I think they are scary.

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