Sunday, November 20, 2005

With a viewfinder

I got an early birthday present .. a Macro lens for my camera ... lookie see:



Red Currants:


Do you know what this is?

dust trap


guy said...

derailleur gears?

Kate said...

This is like the Cbbc thing where you have to guess parts of the animal.
I think it is bicycle chains.

Joolz said...

Yes. Right first time!!

I wanted it to be hard though!

cityB said...

An authority on bikes says that it is a back sprocket on a derailleur gear set probably from a mountain bike. Love the Pedant.XXX.

Anya said...

Gorgeous macro shots!! I am soooo envious :>

Mary Plain said...

I guessed too, we are all cyclists here! does this mean your camera is better Dr Joolz?

Joolz said...

Yes it is much better now thank you MaryPlain. Thank goodness for that!!

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