Monday, November 21, 2005


Some types of architecture mean that the domain of the public andprivate are sometimes blurred.
Here is a photograph taken in Bologna,


of a Bologna University building. People can wander in from the streets and look around, sit in the courtyard and even attend public lectures by Umberto Eco that sometimes take place outside. Upstairs the corridors are open but I am sure the classrooms are out of bounds.
(These were anachronistically equipped with data projectors and screens and had students waiting inside.)

It was strange to see all this, as there were no signs saying things were private or public; you had to work it out.


Mary Plain said...

this is v interesting. In 'Nice Work', the lecturer Robyn wants the University of Rummidge to be open to the people of Birmingham.. here I want the Bearpit to be open but also we have problems with petty theft from those who do wander in.. and they often say they didn't know it was private as we don't have signs either. Mind you we also don't have Umberto Eco..

Joolz said...

I found this all veryy ionterresting and I found myself thinking that I would not want to be at university in a space that is as open as this. At their breaktimes these students just stood outside here and it felt like a market more than a community of scholars ( or whatever students are...)

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