Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just so you know...

the state of my sanity, this is the e mail I just sent to Guy.

(There are swear words.... )

Hello darlng
No need to blush at all. I am up shit creek as well so I know how you feel. F***ing nightmare actually. (This is like that e mail in some article of yours ... Yes, I read it.)
God it is so hard keeping up sometimes. I am on study leave soon and to be frank think it will remain just as bad. You did not sound bossy.

And yes, how do we do the blogs??

I am sitting feeling relieved for two mins though as I have just now averted a disaster. ....

I was sitting doing my effing e mails when my computer
made loads of beeps and crashed.

(Actually at first I thought the beeps were the smoke alarm. That is how alert I am.)

the screen went dead, the buzzy hum of the cooler thing (fan?) stopped. It was as if the slave's master stopped hitting him with whips and the slave looked up and said - 'but what do I do when the whipping stops??!'

After looking at leads and checking they were joined, all was still dead.

Got out the manual.
No luck there.
Checked leads again.
One was unplugged.
have not lost all work since 1966 after all.

Back to the whipping.


I now feel a bit ashamed as my study leave will cause my colleagues work and I am very grateful and will work hard and will enjoy it really. I am just a bit scared i won't manage it that's all. (Stress stress stess.)


Kate said...

ha ha ha!****laughing***!!
That really cheered me up Dr Joolz!!
i think we are all in some wierd email nightmare dream thing which involves whirling on some hamster type email wheel occasionally coming off to blog before getting on again.
But blogging is good!
It is life!
or something.
Go and steam in the gym but do not exercise as this may damage your immune system.x

Binjapan said...

Look forward to your sabbatical Dr Joolz. I'm coming to the end of mine. Among other things I discovered your work on Babyz and wrote about it in my new book (Anya's there too) So, enjoy ...

Dr. Rob said...

Hello DR Joolz, take my advice RIGHT NOW. Either go down town or get your office to buy you a back up memory stick of at least 1 gig and back up all your work since 1966! (Did you really have a computer then - wow!)

The only computer mantra that works is back up back up back up, I know through foul and hard experience!!!

Back Up!

Joolz said...

DrRob you are so so wise. I am going to buy a new memory stick. If only we can put one in our BRAINS.

And oh my gosh Binjapan you have put me in your book. I am very honoured by this and especially pleased to share the company of Anya!!Thank you very much ... I hope I don't spoil it. And when can we read it? I for one will buy a copy!!

Binjapan said...

The book'll be out this year. It's in production (already!). I also have your work on classroom discussions there. I did this all before I discovered you were THE Dr Joolz!

Joolz said...

Well congratulations on your book Binjapan; very exciting. You'll have to let me know when it is out and I can blog it!!

Joolz said...

Well congratulations on your book Binjapan; very exciting. You'll have to let me know when it is out and I can blog it!!

Anonymous said...

Will doooooooo!

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