Thursday, September 08, 2005

they're baaaack.

they're baaaack.
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These are the sugar dudes. You can buy them from a bakery in Manhattan and they have new colours every week.

Trouble is they can make you feel REALLY ill when you eat them ... Click here then watch the slide show, (by clicking on 'View as slideshow' in blue text to the right of the thumbnail images.)
And while we are on the subject, contributing photos of cakes to Flickr is quite common.
Special K 13 has this :


And if you like this theme there is a cupcake set here. You may or may not know that there are many cooking blogs and this is one really like. It has Kate's Malteser cake and the links down the side are excellent.


Chris Best said...

Oh my goodness! 200% sugar!

Mary Plain said...

thank you Dr Joolz- I am having a sensible no cake week and was feeling quite tempted till I looked at these! you have saved me..

Joolz said...

Glad to be of service and pleased to divert a diabetic happening for both of you!!

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