Tuesday, September 06, 2005


you sometimes just have to take a little breathing space and stop working.
Kiddoes, I have been up since 7 and am still at my computer having spent the day dutifully reading dissertations, timetables, papers, and a million e mails. My mail box is now down from 96 to 33. Hooray.

Time to bloggy well blog.

The very exciting news is that (and here is the confession) as I was eating breakfast I happened to peep at Vitriolica's Flickr stream and left a comment on the weird pic here.

Not content with that, I popped across to her blog just to checkout the story behind the weird picture.

There I discovered that the cat thing had been bought by DrRob.


It was shortly after this that the blogosphere came close to exploding into my meatspace.

Wow yes dear readers!!!! It very nearl did.

It turns out. (And I know this will blow your minds.) That one of Vitriolica's friends, and comrades from in The Big Blogger house only turns out to be Dr Rob of Plymouth University!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dyougetme? The Blogosphere is shrinking.

(You know the same university patronised by Simply Clare and Professor Victoria Carrington.) - Do I have to exlain everything?

How do I know this??


Dr Rob has left a comment on this blog.

And to think I voted him out of the Big Blogger House... I regret this now of course.
Because I truly really feel we have truly bonded.

No sight so perfect as hindsight, kiddoes.

Check out his cyberpad here.

Get your selves over and you will not regret it.


Dr. Rob said...

O you are so kind i could (almost) forgive you for voting with the anti wibble party and what a big big up for my blog thank you so kindly now all I have to do is await the fateful letter from my employers terminating my employment for breaching the anti blogging rule that they are no doubt just writing seeing as though there are so many of us here at the uni treading the blogosphere, I wonder if any more are out there, we must wait and see!!!!!

Kate said...

I am in love with Dr Rob.
Who is his wife?
She sounds nice too.
We must be told.

Dr. Rob said...

My wife, of course is Mrs Dr. Rob, she is Ukrainian and very very nice, thank you so much, so I can only reciprocate your love in a paternal and friendly way other wise she will kill me (ukrainian women are like that and she has a Berreta pistol hidden somewhere in her home, in Ukraine thankfully!)

But Kate if I wanted to reciprocate your (most welcomed) Love how can I when I can't seem to see your blogs, where are they?

Sorry Drjoolz I'm not ignoring you either.

Kate said...

I am only the humble commenter.
I do actually work with Dr Joolz but am much much less exciting.
Your wife sounds amazing and tell her I love her too.

Joolz said...

Yes I think Mrs Dr Rob sounds marvellous too; having a pistol is just so chic.
I would like to have one tcked in my suspenders but alas do not wear them.

Chris Best said...

Back to school and the long days have returned. It already feels liek I've been back for an eternity. but i am loving it ;-)

Victoria Carrington said...

Hi Dr. Rob. Greetings from another UoP blogger! Saw you being outed on Dr Joolz blog. Love Dr. Smith -- would have been a boring, boring show without him (oh, and the robot, of course).

Joolz said...

So who is Dr Smith??

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