Saturday, September 10, 2005


Normally, knitted artifacts are cute.
I like a bit of subversion sometimes, they can make you challenge your assumptions ... although these may well be considered bad taste...

bad  taste

little accident

We tend to think that knitted artifacts are for kids to play with and that they should not evoke certain aspects of our world. The pieces here challenge that such artifacts are just for kids and obviously depict things not usually thought of as toys. Nevertheless of course, kids do include bad things happening in their play and lots of the stories we read to them reflect the darker side of our lives.

If you are really curious you will see more here. But I am not sure that the artist was thinking along the same lines as me.

Cheers to Bitch PhD for the tip off.


Dr. Rob said...

Is this the sort of thing you like??

Kate said...

This reminds me of a paper VC did on The Uncanny or the Unheimlich which is in Freud.
Actually, there is also a good bit by Marx on fetishism and objects.
I wonder if JM has some thoughts on commodity fetishism?
We should be told.

Chris Best said...

It's interesting with them familiar in the unfamiliar contex. I'm sure there is a word for that kind of thing but I can't think of it right now - I just woke up, Sunday and all.

Joolz said...

Hey can't wait to see the word Chris thinks of ... but I agree it is that thing about the incompatibility of something in a particular context and I think this maybe the uncanny thing that VC talked about at UKLA not this year but in 2004 Manchester.
You are right you two.
And everyone is so clever as I do like the site DrRob shows; it reminds me of all the photos I took in Berlin earlier this year - seems light years ago now.

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