Monday, September 12, 2005

Our Lady of Tenth Avenue

Our Lady of Tenth Avenue
Originally uploaded by caromira.
This is for Kate; Queen of Arty Facts.
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Kate said...

OMG is wonderful.
HOwever have new angle on the arte word.
One thing is they are created by interaction.
Have new thought that tagging is as much an artefact as the visual thing.
The other thing is the way narrative and artefacts interact.
Watch this space.

Joolz said...

Yes I very much agree we need to write about artefacts and the way they become part of the narrative of our daily lives; cultural objects.
Tagging as artefact. I am not sure I know what this means - perhaps you will tell us more about this.

Kate said...

ah yes.
some words carry more powerful cultural meanings at certain times and become used as cultural stuff.
A good current example is rucksack.
I got this idea from Jan Blommaert when he was talking about Kus (bird) being language as artefact I might ask him about it.

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