Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Theme: Stuff that keeps falling

Don't you find that some days loads of stuff seems to fall on you and then keep falling?

Hardly able to keeep myself afloat but for the fact of wonderful colleagues and friends...

  1. Got to write a report with Anne Marie and Pam by Friday. (Nearly done. We have done 30 pages since Monday; we are just on the tidying up stage.)
  2. Got to get a new teaching session together by Friday.
  3. Got to sort out some finance forms for a new research project by tomorrow (Thursday).
  4. Had to fill in SEVEN forms and get them all co-signed by SEVEN people in order to access cash to buy tickets to Miami ... (Thanks to Colleen and Shirley and Helen and Lou for guiding me through the horrible forms)
  5. Had to write an abstract and biog for a new chapter for a book proposal (Thanks so much Kate - she did it for us)

I did not manage number 5 or number 4 and Kate so wonderfully did number 7.

But oh what a disaster .. the usual place we teach our weekend schools appears to have closed down and we are going to a hotel and we HOPE it will be OK.

Some weeks it is all too hard, but I have a great looking to do list with colour coding and columns and sections.

Whata hullaballoo.

Well off to do number 4. (It's a wine night apparently so must get this done asap.)

Before I go, this was a conversation between gorgeous son and I..

(Context: he has just started doing A levels.He is a big boy now; he gets to have free periods and they have to do 'enrichment activities' on Wednesday afternoon.)

Miles: Mum, do you get paid if you do voluntary work?

Me: No. It's voluntary. You don't get paid. (I am driving to the supermarket.Miles has come to help.)

Miles: Do you get paid if you volunteer to work in an OXFAM shop?

Me: No.

Miles: Do you get paid if you volunteer to work in a kids' nursery shool?


Miles: Do you get paid if you volunteer to.....

Me: No!!!!! Volunteer means you do it for free. It is done for no money. You do it to be kind, nice, to help out.

Miles: OK. I think I'll choose IT.

Hmm. Where did I go wrong? (Maybe he thinks 'enrichment' means 'get rich' - standards really are falling. )

So, the theme of this post is stuff that keeps falling.


Mary Plain said...

This conversation is amazing. And yes, I recognise those kinds of days.Hang on in there girl..

Kate said...

Dr Joolz is so amazing.
As is Miles for working this out about voluntary work.
My children would feel the same.
Actully I don't know how Dr Joolz does it.
I am also v. impressed by Mary Plain as she runs a colleage AND an amazing ESRC seminar series.

Chris Best said...

I reckon I could pay my kids a £ for a job and then ask them to pay me a £ for giving them the job... some of them a so so "simple" that they'd actually do it!

Joolz said...

Yeah sounds about par for the course Chris!!

Regarding Liverpool I don't really know - I omly went that one time and thought the docks area was great. I went to a photo gallerty. The Tate Modern there is apparently really good too.

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