Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Bar-bie wo-orld (la la)

Oh dear.

There have been complaints about Barbie setting up unreal expectations for girls ... and no, not what you think.

This time it is not about her pointy bosoms and tiny feet creating a physiological dream/nightmare for impressionable young minds. It is not about the fact that she is impeccable looking, with westernised notions of beauty.

Of course not. That would be dull.

The complaint is about CEO Barbie who sets up impossible career goals for young girls:

"This doll furthers the myth that if a woman works hard and sticks to her guns, she can rise to the top," said Frederick Lang of the Changes Institute, a children's advocacy organization. "Our young girls need to learn to accept their career futures, not be set up with ridiculously unattainable images."

Well I never.

The full report (with picture) is here.

We all know that the only chance that Barbie has of getting rich is to divorce Ken and get his car, house, horse, boat and treasured Harley Davidson.

Oh and by the way, have you checked out Barbie's friend Becky? She is in the para-olympics..


Dr. Rob said...

I've got a Barbie Joke for you (Surf away now If you are easily offended)

Little girl goes to the toy shop with grandpa to buy some toys.

Grandpa 'What do you want little girl?' (name changed to protect the innocent)

Little Girl 'I want a Barbie and a GI Joe Grandpa'

Grandpa frowns 'But Little Girl doesn't Barbie come with Ken?

Little Girl 'Oh Grandpa, Barbie never comes with Ken but she ALWAYS comes with GI Joe...

Simply Clare said...

I am chosing not to comment on Dr Rob's contribution BUT would be interested in what the author of Lipstick Jungle
might have to say about this.

Joolz said...

This book looks very dangerous to women's impressionable minds Simply Clare.

I am afraid I do not understand DrRob's joke. Everyone knows that Barbie is best off playing with all the other Barbies and that you only get a Ken if there are no new outfits to buy.

Anya said...

But we all know Barbie left Ken for Australian surfie guy Blaine:

Joolz said...

Oh wow!! I had no idea.
Maybe it could be like the Ashes and Ken wins her back?
(Not that I follow cricket; I have so far managed to ignore all this stuff but have had wall to wall conversations rou8nd me on this topic overt the last week. Sorry, this reference just popped out!)

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