Sunday, September 18, 2005

Following on

from Dr Rob's post about freshers arriving at university. The Mums and Dads with new student offspring were out in force at Tesco this week. I had to drive round the carpark three times to find a space and then there was no toilet roll left. Mind you, I did have a lovely chat with a Mum about the wonderful special offer on Wolf blass wine.
The freshers all looked so, well, 'fresh' with their Mums and Dads. And then as I walked to town, through the university I saw this scene of co-opeartion and mutual support ...

I have this:


(Note the queue at the cash point just behind. A hint at the funding they are going to need later in the evening.)

Yes, you may well be nodding a smiling at how sweet they are. But that is probably because you do not live where I live.

I can now no longer park outside my house; I am woken by the sound of drunken darlings singing and professing undying friendship; the sound of shouted argments and hatred. Then there is vomit on the pavement.

They look so different in the library, mind you. And if you are a Mum or a Dad, don't worry, it is not your child who is being naughty. It is the others.

(I reserve the right to be cynical on a Sunday morning after no sleep. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.)


Chris Best said...

Arrrghhh OFSTED tomorrow! Wish me luck haha

Joolz said...

You must just have confidence that you are a good teacher. Decide not to care about their opinion whether they say you are excellent or rubbish.It is the only way!!

Kate said...

I am v. sorry about Dr Joolz' lack of sleep.
You should shoot all the students.
This is what I am thinking of doing with the foxes which keep us awake in London.
Or hunt them.
Ha that would be cool.
With horses.

Joolz said...

Ha ha Kate that is so funny. I am going to go after the students with an EAGLE.,11026,1572316,00.html

pupski said...

Dr Joolz can you please come and deal with the students in Norwich too while you are at it? They started arriving this weekend, my next door ones haven't arrived yet but I am not looking forward to it. I think they should not be allowed to turn houses in residential areas into student houses without special permission and the neighbours being allowed to protest - it is a business after all, if I wanted to turn my house into a b & b I would have to get permission - what's the difference. Worse still when the landlord bought the house next door he pretended to the neighbours that it was going to be a family house!

Joolz said...

Landlords ... well don't get me started n that. We were friends with a neighbour until he moved and rented his house to students. He then bought the house next door too. The two houses are the worst on the road as he lets to people he never checks on. When they left they set fire to a tv set outside their house and dumped three sofas in the front garden.
We have toi hunt them down.

Mary Plain said...

Dr Joolz, I am so sorry that your student neighbours give you such a hard time. I did a long post about this yesterday which got lost and I know it was really clever and witty, but now my inspiration has gone, all sucked out of my brain by welcoming freshers and their families all day yesterday and then today doing my welcome speech three times.. Mind you, although the bearpit is very near where all these cubs live when they first leave home I am very lucky and really never hear them at night. Here the locals complain about students at the university and not about ours, whom they think are very nice girls because they are going to be teachers. Ha. All I can say is itgiqsj.

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