Sunday, September 25, 2005

The eyes have it!

As promised.


I bought these yesterday and wondered if anyone thinks I am a victim of consumerism?


Chris Best said...

My my! It seems you have had a busy weekend DrJoolz!

This link to a blog entry may be of interest to you:

Joolz said...

You're right Chris, I am interested in that post. Thanks for the info. I'll put it on the digital play blog.

guy said...

Mmm, saw them on your Flickr first. They're fantastic (but the photograph makes the hands look really slimey). Thought the soldiers were lovely too (as you'd expect).

Simply Clare said...

What are they/ is it? It/They remind me of Gonzo from the muppets - except they are not blue and not a muppet

Simply Clare said...

Silly silly me - the eyeballs - but of course

Mary Plain said...

truly amazing, as ever. I want to feel them too though- we need more senses via these blogs than just sight!

Kate said...

This is all too much first thing in the morning

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