Saturday, September 24, 2005

Out in town

today I came across a few interesting sights. I only had my little Sony with me but was quite pleased with the results...

These two little fellows were inching there way towards each other in the city centre. At a bargain £3.99 each, I thought they could make many kids happy and I had to restrain myself not to put my hand in my pocket. Mind you I had already treated myself to a bag of eyeballs,so could not treat myself twice.
(Do you want to see them? )

I wondered whether the two soldiers could be deemed to breaching the peace at all:

Playing with yourself

for this was the polite notice I found myself reading close by. If you click on the photo you will see it has attracted some comments from a couple of my lovely Flickr contacts, who were keen to compare the sentiments of the notice to those seen in their own towns in the United States.

Later I saw these pretty things:


inside the Millenium Galleries.

Really enjoyed The Real Ideal exhibition where the work of Gregory Crewdson was stunning (I thought).

Two things helped me to really enjoy the workeven more than I would have done if these two things had not presented themselves. Firstly, that I was looking at the Crewdson's photographs in gallery where a group of women firends, (in their sevnties, I would guess) were talking about the pictures. They were very clearly local people, talking in the strong Yorkshire dialect, enthusing energetically about the stories they could make up about the images. I loved listening to them, as they debated what was happening and were earnestly persuading each other that,
'All of us are right. You can make any story you want.'

I could not help joining in and chatting and I thought about how you can gain so much more from an exhibition by seeing it with others. The fact that I did not know these people made the exchange all the more welcome and exciting.

The second thing which helped me love the photographs, was that there was a video showing the artist at work and talking about his work. He talked about how he stage-sets everyone of his photographs and uses actors and directs them really closely. He uses elaborate lighting, involves many other people to help him choreograph the images. It's like something out of Steven Spielberg. Go and see the exhibition if you can ...

And finally, just to say, that like Simply Clare in her BLOG HOLE I have found it hard to blog lately, because of the need to fully think about other aspects of my work for the last couple of weeks. It has made me realise that it is quite hard to put together a blog post.

But I will try and get back into it properly now.

And finally finally (nearly forgot) I have set up a new blog here.

(Don't forget though, let me know if you want to see the eyeballs.)


Trois TĂȘtes said...

Nice post, bring out the nasty eyeballs

Kate said...

This is a very good post Dr Joolz and I am going to rush along to the exhibition when I am next in Sheffield.
I also do sympathise about not having the time to blog, and am constantly amazed that you have any time at all.
I am poised and ready to take over for my weekly guest blog slot with an exciting menu of:
cabinets of curiosity
So let me know when it all gets too exhausting and you're on.

Joolz said...

I am so excited for you to guest on my blog Kate. You can start whenever you are ready but we may need to meet first so I can show you where I keep my tools.
Do you want to see my eyeballs?

Simply Clare said...

Bring 'em on.

Joolz said...

OK. Two requests is PLENTY.

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