Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tim Tams



Yum Yum Yum

Anya bought me Tim Tams and tonight I experienced my first chocolate explosion. Luckily I found illustrated instructions here and had also seen Nicole Kidman demonstrate on tv.

And I aso finally managed to get time to pick up the birthday presents that
were delivered while I was away last week...

a set of pearls from June (My Mum):


a beautiful shiny bracelet from Jane: bracelet

a lovely pendant from City Bitch (Emma):

And how did Digigran realise? I am really DOING Christmas this year? She got me this to die for decoration:


How wonderful that people bought me beautiful presents which I love.

Thank you everyone. I feel very smiley.

One of the things I love about photographs is the way they can help you see things really quite purely. You can look closer at things without having to experience other stuff at the same time. It is quite nice to see things out of context for a change. It makes you concentrate on colour, shade, shape, design and even the sight of texture. Photographs turn one artefact into another type of artefact.Photographs are transformative. They can help you see more closely, or even to take in a panorama without you needing to turn your head.

And none of these photos would have been as good without the new Macro lens which TT bought for me.


Anya said...

I looooove that christmas decoration - she is divine!! My friend took me ornament shopping in Florida and we went into two huge shops full of ornaments - I must blog mine too!

Kate said...

This is a very lovely post Dr Joolz.
I saw David Barton last night and he loves your blog (He thinks mine is silly I think).

Joolz said...

Yes blog your ornaments Anya. We have to decorate cyberspace.
I am glad you love the post DrKate; I forgot to say that Jane and Emma are my sisters. David Barton is clearly an extremely discerning reader and undoubtedly thinks your blog is excellent. He just did not want to make you bashful I imagine.

Digigran said...

It was granny intuition being something of a witchy person too.

Karl said...

What a fabulously glam mum!

Joolz said...

ha ha yes isn't she marvellous. She was enacting 'am dram' at that point.

cityB said...

Glad you liked them DrJ. The pendant is made out of rutilated quartz btw. I wonder what rutilated means.

Joolz said...

Oooh rutilate quartz! Will google that - before DrRob beats me to it and becomes ashamed of me again.

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