Saturday, December 10, 2005


Do you know what this is?


Or this?


(I want a precise answer for the above please)

Have a crisp while you are thinking...


I have been shopping today, more of which tomorrow.


Mary Plain said...

I think the first one is some of your amazing jewellery and the second one is someone's science homework. The Motorcyclist would recognise the equations properly but he is downstairs watching a DVD. I just think they look hard.. give me jewellery every time.

Leslie said...

The top one is a whisk. I have no idea about the science homework.

Anya said...

The first one is a whisk, the second one is Miles's science homework which is all about organic chemistry and sulphuric acid! (Do I win a prize???) :>

Joolz said...

You are so clever!! The first IS a whisk. The second is a thingy showing 'The mechanism of the Elimination of Ethanol in Sulphuic Acid'.
I am amazed at Anya!! How can you know science?

Kate said...

You are all so clever.
I got the Whisk but not the second.
I feel very behind today.
Maybe I should be streamed and put in the bottom set and Anya can go in the Top Set.

Joolz said...

Luckily I think that mixed ability groupings are best. So that you can learn from each other socially.

Anya said...

I cheated: I saw the word sulphuric in the corner of the photo!

Joolz said...

h a ha that's funny Anya!!

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