Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jinxed and Digitally Dependent

I cannot get into i anya, Blogtrax or the new Digital Literacies blog I am just setting up for the UKLA SIG. (United Kingdom Litearcy Association Special Interest Group.) I keep getting some weird Blogsome admin page.

My Vedana came up with an error message too. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to DrRob but then could not read to the bottom of his blog page and so do not know why he got kicked out of the hairdressers by the girl with the Bling tooth. I am being stopped by the Goddess of Digitology.

Finally I did get through to Drkate and learned (ironically) about spirals, which seemed to get me nowhere. But now it is time to go as I have had my fifteen minute break from HARD WORK.

I will post properly this evening but needed in the meantime to share how distraught I am to be denied access.
What is happening to us all?

Without my online fixes I am as nothing ... it is as Cynthia Lewis's informant said:

Abby: It’s like, ‘Oh, It’s 9 o’clock. I gotta get on the
computer!’ And it’s like, if we can’t, it’s like … what am I going to
do?!! … I don’t know. It’s just part of my night.
I am beginning to think that technology not only helps me keep in touch wth others but is also the gateway that helps me think - keeping me in touch with MYSELF. It is part of my identity and without it I find I am at a bit of a loss, waiting for my next opportunity to think properly. I am quite serious about this. Am I a cyborg? (Less serious about this.)

Hopefully all will be well again in the blogosphere by this evening.


guy said...

I think there must be a problem at Blogger HQ - I experienced a similar crisis early afternoon when MyVedana wasn't available. The sense of panic was palpable: had I accidentally deleted part of myself (accidental self-mutilation) or had someone 'out there' finished me off? Couldn't get DrJoolz either: but then late afternoon all was back to normal.

Kate said...

OMGod I LOVE Cynthia Lewis! I met her at AERA!
I love this post too.
I have been obsessing about my digital failures (my link to the Hayward went haywire on Sunday and my Miami link was wrong wrong wrong)
but then again, does it matter since we are all friends and ADORE you Dr Joolz?

Joolz said...

Thank goodness all is well again in cyberspace.Phew.
There was another Cynthia as well Kate and she was so fab too. She wore bunches tied in knots. She was feisty and clever. And Amy told me she used to be a model ... wow!! Here she is: http://website.education.wisc.edu/gls/people_steinkuehler.htm

Gorgeous!! honestly.

joolz said...

wow, another blogger named 'joolz' in sheffield. what are the chances? this town ain't big enough for the both of us...

Joolz said...

Hey Joolz!!
I see you are a dashing heartbreaker ... why not blog your exploits?? Come on... do a blog!

joolz said...

yeah i do i just haven't got it on public for complicated ex girlfriend issues. and anyway, its not very interesting and shamefully inferior to your photos and high brow art criticism... but its www.grownupcamels.blogspot.com if you really wanted to know! now go forth and do the joolz name proud...

Joolz said...

Oh thank GOODNESS you have sent me your blog address. This is a marvellous insight into the young male mind.
Oh God. So funny.
Sorry but you have to go on the blogroll.
So anyway what was your essay on? (Sorry. I had to ask. I like pragmatism. Is it linguistics?)
And will you be able to give me help in understanding my 16 year old son who is still in the shower after an hour?

joolz said...

well the essay was on whether faith is a valid means through which to obtain truth (James, The Will to Believe), or if truth can only be based upon 'sufficient evidence' (Clifford, The Ethics of Belief), or something. after 3500 words i still couldn't give you an answer...
an old friend of mine was once three hours late for work because he too became sidetracked in the shower. to be completely honest i can't even begin to imagine what it is that is so interesting in there... maybe the door to the bathroom is some kind of personal hygiene wormhole for teenagers, so what seem like hours to you on the outside are in fact mere minutes to him. that's the only explanation i can think of.

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