Thursday, December 22, 2005

Do you have a moment?

Check here to see if you do ...

Got time?

Then go here.

Or maybe you have time to move away from your desk. Go here.

If you have just another minute, check out these two presents I got today. Lovely to be surrounded by pink, I have to say.
This is my new radio switched off.


This is my new radio switched on:


It makes the room go all funky when I turn my new radio on.

This is my Christmas tree purse:


Maybe you want a lesson on Visual Culture after all that?

(By the way I love the magic which technology brings to the pencil and paper handwriting activity. Gorgeous macro there.)

My site meter tells me that people spend an average amount of time of between 5 seconds and three minutes on my blog ... quite a challenge that.


Mary Plain said...

what excellent presents DrJoolz! (And I think your site meter is wrong. I often spend more than 3 minutes here I am sure. But how impresssive to have a site meter..

Mary Plain said...

Maybe it is because we come to your site and then follow links and then come back again like I just have! I have just been to the handwriting clock, which is well to the jay bad and if I were at home on New Year's Eve I would want to watch it change to 2006! But we will be in Madeira.

Joolz said...

Yes MaryPlan I amsolucky to have thes epresents. I fear as time goes on I get MORE materialistic than ever.
Is this possible?

As for the site meter, I used to be obsessed with it but now look only every few months...

It was a free download.

Joolz said...

Hey guess what...The wrong date is on this post. It says Thursady even though today is Wednesday. Ooops.

Anya said...

You are writing in Australian time - now THAT is well to the bad etc..!! :>

Kate said...

This is a wonderful post and reminds me that I must RUSH and photograph my fab new bag from you.
Oh yes.
FOr my blog
I love presents too.
Bring them on.
PS we should write about time and blogging but only in an article.

Kate said...

Molly says:
Me and Kate are Bobbing bobcats on the sheep game.
ALso, i like sylvanians.

Joolz said...

So many cool things in the comments - I am writing in Australian time. That really is well to the aybad as is the handwriting clock which I adore.
I actually LOVE Sylvanians. We used to have the barge and the cottage and the house. And a shop. Oh they are wonderful. But I don't know what the sheep game is.
Finally, would be good for us all to go to Madeira. Can we come MaryPlain?

Joolz said...

I mean well to the jaybad unbad (my typing gets worse.)

Kate said...

The sheep game is on this post and we played it.
We progressed up the scale from the sluggards to the bobcats.
Its bad.

Joolz said...

Gosh you must think me so stupid. I am so crap at that game that I did not know you could progress.

Mary Plain said...

yes please all come to Madeira with me!

cityB said...

Why have you all opened your Christmas presents early?

Joolz said...

OOps CityB you found us out ... but we opened work presents so that the wrk people could see us smiling...
Can you forgive? I think MaryPlain will let you come to Madeira too.

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