Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Seeing as My Vedana mentioned it, I will supply the link. I got this in the summer but did not really dare post it. Wherewas the fear? Maybe it was the idea that Barbie wearing a Burkha was originally intended to undermine Islamic beliefs. I am not sure it could do that. Where is the original joke? Maybe that someone as glam as Barbie would not wear a burkha - but they patently do.
Many people have blogged about it - even though as far as I can tell only the concept exists, not the actual doll.
But I have also found this burka song again which I mentioned here a long time ago. (My previous link broke but now I have found a new location - I bet you're pleased.) I also found this further info.

NB Like Guy, (Guy Merchant's blog: consisting of current pre-occupations in a variety of realms populated by my multiple identities) I think that Barbie plays with multiple identities and that is why poewple are forever trying to find one that will undermine her iconic status...


guy said...

Return of the Reader

I've never been compared with Barbie before but as a certain kind of reader, leaving the ontological questions aside, I like the idea (ref 'I'm a Barbie Girl' song).

But this burka business is interesting. I remember Burka Blue post and the difficulties one has in reading it - what is the context (etc etc)? But what I stumbled upon is how the Intolerance Barbie thing (and how do you read that one, too) seems to have memed into a newspaper factoid, in which it was erroneously reported that Mattel are actually manufacturing them.

Kate said...

We love Barbies
and Burkas (but Bratz come first obviously)
i want to haar the Burka song on my non functioning sound PC

guy said...

Oh, DrJ you changed your original post! That's interesting.....

guy said...


I sent the web-image via MSN to my daughter and then got her to play the BB sound file with it. We then discussed the meanings she was making. She drew certain conclusions based on an assumption they came from the same source...then changed her view when I explained that it was a collage !

Joolz said...

Ah fascinating stuff all of this ... I guiltily changed my post as I realised (on such a sensitive issue) that it looked as if I might have been laughing at people who wear burkas - I also wrote the post v late last night and did it too quickly ... yes re the burka (burkha? burqua?) song, it means something different when you know who recorded it and under what circumstances.

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