Sunday, March 12, 2006


is not a rude word.


I call this photograph 'cupcake cleavage', because it made me laugh. Cupcakes are very 'sex and the city' - if you can remember that. (For a previous post - with recipes - on cupcakes see here. )

You would not believe how many definitions of cleavage I found on the web. Nearly all of them are to do with science.

This one amused me. Even Homer Simpson gets a mention.

One that was missing was the one that John Peel invented. This is where if you walk between two nuns, you score a 'cleavage'. If there are more than two nuns this is worth more points.
I bet you didn't know that.

(Photo courtesy Rakka)

So this was a post about the English language, using photographs to illustrate.


Kate said...

I think cleavage must be to do with maths.
THis is very clever of me to realise this.
I think it is like fibonacci which I have blogged.
PS I am writing this instead of doing Molly's maths homework which is too hard for me.

Chris Best said...

Interesting :-)

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