Monday, March 13, 2006


I am going here today and coming back Tuesday.

I will be four hours on the train and so am taking plenty to read and do.


Unfortunately this means I cannot travel light despite my determination to find small reads. Books are so heavy and although I could take my laptop and read CDs or something, aftrer a while I feel my eyes may be burning up.

And indeed they seem to be as I have one of THESE growing.

Gross huh?

You will be interested to know I have been told not to worry.
Ok then chaps.
Let's chill.

I also have this in the other eye.

Which is exotic.
Luckily I have these as spares


(Hope I didn't make you feel sick.)

Has anyone else got some interesting medical history?


cityB said...

Poor Dr Joolz. However, you cannot notice that she has either of these things in her lovely big brown eyes. Thanks for making us aware of the perils of outdoor exercise. I shall cease all outdoor activities at once and as for cats...

Kate said...

Dr Joolz is v glamourous and can be spotted Jackie Kennedy like aplighting from planes in dark glasses on mini breaks.
However, I CANNOT resist medical horrors histories.
My Appendix Burst (!) and I had to be operated on and it was grisly.
Our guest blogger also broke his wrist larking with his bad friends (don't ask any more) on the day of my book launch which was a touch insensitive.
It was hanging off him being both displocated and broken and he had to have it pinned eeeyuk.

guy said...

What a relief! At last you have a post with a title that I feel OK about reading. My Firefox live feeds showed Sunday as Cleavage (I thought I'd better not look) and Saturday as Rubber (what is going on with DrJ, I wondered - is she so preoccupied with her site meter?). Anyway, I see it's perfectly OK now, and BTW - I hope it went well!

Dr. Rob said...

To keep the eye theme going my family has has a history of retinitis pigmentosa which fortunatly I have not succumbed to!

And if you have been reading my blog I have fungus under my big toe, do I get as much sympathy as Dr Joolz?

Dr. Rob said...

PLus, I am offended DR Joolz, that you come to sunny Plymouth and not knock on my office door for tea and crumpets!!!!

Karl said...

Look, I'll give you attention without you going to these lengths!

My only vaguely interesting medical carry on is my 6 Million Dollar Man arm, complete with metal bits. My right forearm got snapped in a "motorbike accident"... sounds exciting, eh? Ton-up escapades! Not really, I was wheeling it into the garage and tripped. How embarassing. You can feel the screws - which is good for entertaining the 6 year-old niece.

Simply Clare said...

Oh DEAR DEAR DEAR Dr Joooolz. You have upset his Dr Robness. We thought this might happen. Don't worry, he is miles away in Plymouth, and you are nearly home by now I hope. Please stop reading nasty medical websites. They are horrible. You know about my mediacl problems. Noithing that a couple of bottles of Pinot can't cure!
Thank you for being such a star and get that eye thing SORTED.

cityB said...

That is very interesting Karl - you could put that on your blog - or do you want to keep it blank?. I suppose I can't really talk as I haven't posted for AGES.

Joolz said...

Hey a real comment fest while I have been gone!!
Hi you lovely jubblies! And Karl has got a blog. Did not realise that I don't think.
I have an update, which is that Vic, who I saw yesterday, told me that pterigiums are VERY common in Australia and they 'just go get them peeled off!' So that's a relief. I am looking forward to that and will keep you informed. I will ask TT if he can be the medical photographer.

DrKate, you are to lock said son in the house on Thursday in order not to repeat 'the episode' on next book launch. (How regularly do you produce books?)

Guy I am so very sorry about the RSS feed business. Hope not to keep upsetting you as I know you are delicate.

Darling DrRob ( so many doctors ...) I pleaded with SimplyClare to take me on a visit but she made me do work. It was horrendous as we ladies on SL are not used to it.

Finally I can only assume that bloggers (even casual ones) are very fragile creatures who get exotic diseases. It is all excellent material as CB suggests.
Karl, can I feel your screws please?

Karl said...

Dr Joolz, of course - but will you go all giggly girly too?

CityB - I'm devoid of inspiration hence looking blank. At least I can learn big words here while I muse.

Dr. Rob said...

Sniff...doesn't matter really as if truth be known I was in bed with the lurgy on Monday, where I wish I was today as well but I have to drive to Bristol to do WORK!

Sarah of Sheffield said...

Jules, I love all these fun and lively comments, what a can of owrms you opened.

I,despite being an otherwise normal and healthy 26 year old, still have two baby teeth. They are both third along from the centre on the top. I will immediately take a photo and put a post up on my blog if you want to have a peek.

Joolz said...

I look forward to sthis event Sarahofsheffield. In fact I t5hink other people should also show their scars. Kate?

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