Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It must be true......

That the English are reserved.
This is a Canadian trucker's blog and he has a picture of a Canadian cinema audience.
It looks like a rock concert my dears.


Kate said...

Were they really watching a movie. I cannot urge you more strongly to go and see Look at my (Comme une image) it is so so good.
But alas Bridget Jones 2 was NOT AS GOOD AS THE FIRST ONE.
I have taken weeks to recover from that as ofcourse I was v. keen to go.
am v. nervous as have given Martin Gang of Four tickets for xmas (oh no he might go on here and find out)
They are an 80s punk alt band. ha.

Joolz said...

am v impressed y

Joolz said...

an v impressed you know a punk band.

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