Saturday, November 20, 2004

Got this on Monday

I have been very acquisitive lately but will stop now.
This little number has an emphasis on little and works a treat.
I got it for carrying about with me but have been so thrilled have used it at home all the time too.
Battery life is only two hours but I think you can get a spare (battery, not computer). Weighs less than 2 pounds and is 11mm thick.
I think one day all laptops will be like this, slim as Jim.
Have resolved not to clutter it with stuff but to carefully file things on memory cards etc.
Test somebody's love and ask for one.
(Who said I was shallow?)


Kate said...

THis lap top update is truly thrilling.
I am interested in the notion of objects and smallness.
The ipod offered this, now there is a new gadget that is even smaller.
When is small too small to see or lose?
Is there a relationship between desirability and the way an object sits within the plethora of objects within your life.
My curent wonderful object is a skirt (ah my skirt) it has a very plain outside but is lined with purple and green shot silk.
It is utterly wonderful although you cannot see the lining at first.
The other very good tip from me, the comment person is go and see Look at Me (Comme Une Image)
The title says it all.

Colin said...

If only someone loved me that much .... (although Michele has got me a new Dell with the points she got from selling textbooks to captive students). Short of cash but always, it seems, in airports, I have opted for an ipaq with a wireless keyboard and half gig SD memory cards. But, I swear if someone loved me enough i'd try for the Sony. (Yep, I'm that shallow.) How is the toy behaving after the first couple of days?

Joolz said...

My toy is still gorgeous.
It can go only two hours before it needs refuelling - this is the price for a light battery.
However, it does everything I want including photo editing, movies from stills etc. It can do my music stuff.
It will not write for me though. I still have to key in.
I think I am going to be organised with it, and move unnecessary data onto USB sticks. This way the hard drive will stay clear and work smoothly I reckon.
I think kate is right we are moving towards tiny things. I am now going to get rid of the desktop macchine which the family has shared for years and have a base station!! This will be a USB port serial plug thing, a printer and a scanner. We can then put our laptops on the desk when we need to and print off or whatever. We'll see how we get on.

Kate said...

I have decided I need:
1. An ipod
2. a ditial camera
3. The new Tungsten as you don't lose your data
4. to be rich.

ANy ideas/ donations gratefully recived but also I would like advice on cameras. THANX EVERYONE!

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