Monday, November 08, 2004

Cultural artefacts, stories and communities

When you go to a museum you are not allowed to touch the stuff anyway.
So why not sit back, surf and visit Sheffield's museum of local history. Some lovely stories in this lot.

And from community histories, to community language
Why do we have to put up with this????:
"Texting, lazy jargon, management-speak: never has the English language been so abused. But a new book called Between You And I is pointing out the worst errors - and demanding higher standards. In his introduction John Humphrys explains why bad English makes him cross"
(Should we begin a sentence with 'but'?)

The guy who wrote this, John Humphrys, see here has now written his own nonsense see here
I was just showing you, you know what it will be like.....

But good to see Amazon has got his name wrong.


Kate said...

This Sheffield museum website is brilliant I wonder if they have children talking too as a lot of the children in my study put things in glass cabinets, and some of them wanted to charge people so they could view their exhibits. One child had a mummified frog, and another put his entire train collection in a glass cabinet.
This site ofcourse is a collection of artefacts, with the web links being links to web sites as artefacts, which then support the Figured WOlrd of Dr Joolz.
I can't do web links so cannot start my blog but am slowly getting up the courage.
Dos it however count as WASTING TIME?

Joolz said...

My bloggers block was partly about a fear of wasting time. But I have found it has really helped me explore bits of the web I had not looked at before. And I have become a bit of a ferret in looking things out.
I also feel more part of what is going on 'out there'.
I really have started to understand what it means to talk aboput on line communities (bit cheesey?) and now believe my own rhetoric!!
The other thing is, I have started to write about things I normally only think about and don't put into real words.
For me it is a bit of a research diary but with many projects at once.

I'll show you how to do the links.
The museum artefacts were partly put together by an adult literacy scheme I have recently discovered btw. But maybe kids stuff is there somewhere too in the toys section.

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