Monday, February 13, 2006

Learning from DrKate:- Photographs as artefacts of identity

self portrait: convoy
Originally uploaded by Lt. TL.

This is Lt TL's self portrait on Flickr. Really interested in this presentation of self, very fragile looking in this close up, despite the uniform.
She looks a lot tougher here and here .

I am very moved by such photos as these where we see the person inside the soldier.
It is an interesting artefact of identity as DrKate would say.

Another presentation of self is shown again here where my son (far right) and his friends are all dressed up to celebrate their last days of compulsory schooling at age fifteen.

lock up your daughters

I was amazed that the school arranged a formal do and that the students all hired these suits. Although most of the lads got shoes, my son could not go quite that far and wore white trainers. The satirical poses make me think they are not so comfortable in these clothes - but are still proud and having their photo taken. This is their last time as a group together ... and maybe the fact that they don't wear school uniform adds to their enjoyment of the novelty of bonding through ceremonial dress.

I love the view of the northern city behind them and the shot is taken at the top of our road ... all terraces and yorkshire stone. The boys look strongly tied to all that - a very working class suggestion is given here. But one which belies most of their backgrounds, because although they all live in this neighbourhood, the homes are no longer within the reach of most working class pockets.

And here is the glorious DrKate herself, doing fashion icon at my office doorway ... she loves those shoes ... and look at that hat!!

Look at my new shoes

This is DrKate, academic, nomad, mother, blogger and fashion guru.

An all round funtime inetllectual woman.


Victoria Carrington said...

Dr Kate, I know you told me (but i was suffering from pre-presentation tension at the time)...where did you get that fab jacket?? I MUST KNOW!!!

Joolz said...

At a guess ... Pollyanna's.

Sarah of Sheffield said...

I love your son's hair! He looks great, white trainers an' all! This photo is brilliant, it's like one from 100 years ago, not just because of the colouring, but for other reasons as well.

Sorry I can't write this on flickr, i've no time to sign up, I have to run off and teach my darling Germans the difference between Valley and Wally.

Sabine said...

From a German....what *is* the difference between Valley and Wally? ;o))

Joolz said...

Ha glad you like the photo Sarahof Sheffield. As for Valley and Wally ... hmm difficulty one. Maybe you would know the difference if you fell into one.
Winegar is the one ythatalways cracks me up!!

Joolz said...

sorry , I mean , 'that always cracks me up'.
Who will pay for typing lessons please?
And welcome to the blog Sabine!!

christinA said...

Dr Joolz -a great pic. I looked immediately for the white trainors wanting to see what your son looked like. loved your comments, and the black and white.

Kate said...

haha its me in Sheffield.
Molly likes it too!

Joolz said...

You look fab ....

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