Sunday, February 19, 2006

In the meantime though,

Anya and Michele have been uploading exciting stuff relevant to their research.

So Anya has uploaded video and Michele has been pod-casting with Colin.

Wonderful stuff; our blogs will all be so whizzy soon as we all start to join in these games too. No more lists Digigran!! We will be too busy tangled in wires to be able to write our lists.


Digigran said...

Wow, I know, Scene! Just when I thought I had a handle on blogging you young things start making the world move- well to the bad, I think. Just don't give up on the blending. I may just drop rround for the odd crapple.

Joolz said...

OMG someone has to take that language book away from you!!!

Digigran said...

Not a language book- just ,On Beauty' by Sadie Smith- worth a read. Can't have mine yet.

Joolz said...

Will buy it and will put down Saturday for a bit ...
thanks DG as I want to say 'scene'.

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