Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Triangle

A three point entry:

Thank Goodness that
Colin and Michelle are OK. Thought they had disappeared for a minute. But they turned up here in San Antonio, much to the enjoyment of all those who matter.
Went to the gym today........

........ to terminate my membership. There was a list of boxes to tick, for you to explain why you might be leaving, e.g. moving away; pregnant; cost too high; etc. But they did not list my reason so I had to tick 'Other' and write'Am Lazy'.
Now I am no longer a member of the luxury Health and Fitness Suite, I will have a bit more time and money to go to the cake shop. I hve the sins of sloth and gluttony.
Le Patisserie a Toulouse

3. I know a lot of people love their i-pods. Just thought you might want this accessory.
You don't want to leave things lying about in a mess (like the one below), do you?

Happy Holidays (with feet)
This was a luxury holiday to Spain btw ...

(And of course I am sure you picked up the intertextual reference re dirty feet)


Kate said...

Another research project 4 U.
I was in the steam room the other day with my friend Sally talking about yo yo dieting and we both thought it is such a waste of time.
Then we thought we could write a sit com for the TV on the Gym or rather the steam room (Nell Dunn did it ages ago but we could update it)
When my local steam room was open it was wonderful and truly multicultural with lots of interesting practices co-existing.
Again, back to local and global practices and also spaces.
You see I am obsessed.

Joolz said...

Th other good place for a play like that is the gynaecoloy ward. People have the most BIZARRE conversations there.

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