Saturday, October 23, 2004

E bay

This is quite a story for e bay - the guy who was invited to a wedding and put the tickets on e bay. Was it all a hoax to bring more publicity? - Certainly the site was announcing record profits this week, (SEE HERE) so maybe this was a nice little hype to bring even more attention to the world's greatest car boot sale ever. The story was certainly reported widely here in the UK (THE GUARDIAN), as well as abroad (THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD).
Personally I love the site and have enjoyed buying rubbish at low down prices - copies of Jackie from 1970 and a 1952 Good Housekeepings cookery book being amongst my favourites.
The temptation of course, is compounded by my desire to gain credibility points next to my name!
And take a trip here to see Martin Parr's selecton of mobile phone photos. Then Google Matin Parr and enjoy his representation of contemporary society.

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