Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Labelling(and getting the measure of) the world

At the weekend I went to two Flickr meets.

Firstly met Moufle from NYC who came into London; she was joined by Bingo Little and .danimal from Bristol, as well as .Danny from Cambridge. Quite a brigade . We had lunch in Bloomsbury and took a little walk down to Shoreditch where we went to the Eagle on City Road. (See its mention in this nursery rhyme here.)
There we met the London Flickr group and did half their walk with them. (We left early as had to do other stuff).
It was grand to meet people and cemented the idea that while it is great to communicate on a global scale there is never anythung quite so humane as being in aface to face situation.
On Sunday we had our own Sheffield Flickrmeet in The Showroom. It ws our fourth meeting and a couple of new people came along which is good. We voted on the winer of the Cathedral shot competition and have set up a series of new projects. We are also planning an exhibition of our work and want to show it somewhere central. Bristol have done something similar. It is interesting again that while we enjoy the mixing on a global scale we relish the idea of meeting new people in our locality ... all people we would never otherwise have come into conatct with. Fascinating. (However there are those who do NOT come to the meets and so we cannot run far with that idea.)

And finally, in checking out arrangements for when we go to NYC in a couple of weeks, we found that the New York group is using Wayfarer to show aspects of their city as they see it. I love this idea of bringing a personal perspective on the maps available and labelling the world in this manner. You add a photo and a description to a wayfarer map. This is Niznoz's work .. must have taken him ages. (Small world, Niznoz is Moufle's cousin.) TT also had a go here.

We have come a long way since the ol metaphysicals drew up maps and discovered the world was round .. but that really was quite a discovery!

Here is Moufle:


and here are TT and Little Bingo (thankfully in the controlled zone):


Oh yes. One more thing ... I got chucked out of a Flickr group today ... have yet to discover why. Now I am over the trauma (do I look like I care?) I am amused by all this and must consult Iona and Peter to check out why some kids on the playground feel compelled to set up rules so that they have hardly anyone left to play with... (the group has gone down to only 8 members now - from loads and loads)


Digitalplayer said...

The wayfarer map by Niznoz is absolutely brilliant, Dr Joolz!

I'm at Amsterdam Schipol at the moment, and have been looking at a good few souvenirs over the last couple of days, many in the forms of maps or iconic images of places on objects. What I hadn't realised before though is the extent of images from other places being offered - London tube map tea towels in San Francisco, New York Manhattan Island maps in Amsterdam, and so on. If it's because we always want to travel (?) why are the bases of the maps usually so familiar?

Joolz said...

Souvenirs are weird aren't they`/ `the nearest we can get to taking a place home apart from photographs. ~AS for maps always looking the same ... dunno. Maybe people agreed on codes etc a long time ago. The called western world has the monopoly on that sort of thing. Such as deciding where the middle is of course and what is east and what is west.

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